Does RJV perform residential/commercial work?

Yes we do. Public utility work does make up a majority of our backlog, however we do perform private residential/commercial utility and sitework. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

Is RJV Union?

RJV is an open shop prevailing wage based company. Wages include health and pension. In addition we offer paid time off, holidays and 401k match to all our employees.

Are RJV and QRS the same company?

RJV and QRS are sister companies. RJV is the construction company that performs the work. QRS is an equipment leasing company that maintains the equipment.

What does RJV stand for?

RJV stands for the founding brothers Ron Jr., Joe and Victor.

What does QRS stand for?

QRS stands for the founding brothers Querino Jr., Ron Sr. and their brother in law Dan Shea.