Southern Spine Distribution Mains Phase 2 – Section 107


The work performed under this contract consisted of the rehabilitation, removal and installation of a new 48-inch ductile iron pipe (DIP) designated as Pipeline Section 107 including appurtenant devices and structures.

The work included performing all operations necessary for the following major items of work:

  1. Cleaning and cement mortar lining of approximately 1,000 linear feet of 24-inch cast iron pipe (Pipeline Sections 21 &43)
  2. Cleaning and cement mortar lining of approximately 1,500 linear feet of 48-inch steel pipe (Pipeline Section 22)
  3. Installation of approximately 450 linear feet of 24-inch DIP (pipeline Section 107)
  4. Installation of approximately 9,400 linear feet pipe of 48-inch DIP (Pipeline Section 107)
  5. Installation of a new interconnection between Pipeline Sections 21, 43, 22 and 107.
  6. Replacement of revenue Meters 27, 51 and 107.
  7. Installation of approximately 10,500 linear feet of 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch ductile iron pipe (Milton Water Main)
  8. Initial dewatering of the pipes prior to work on pipeline and appurtenances, refilling the pipes, pressure/leakage testing, disinfections, dechlorination and flushing of the completed pipes.


Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Black & Veatch

Contract Value