RJV Construction Historical Photo

Dudley Street Boston (Mid 1920’s)
John Williams Construction Co., City of Boston Sewer Project (2nd from left Querino Pacella, Sr., 3rd from left. Mike Pacella Sr., 4th from left Querino D’Masco, last on right Mr. Umbro)

RJV Construction Historical Photo

Liberty Street Braintree Highlands (1963)
QRS Corp. 1st job Town of Braintree Sewer (Ron Pacella, Sr. standing overlooking pipe installation)

RJV Construction Historical Photo

City of Brockton Sewer Project (1968)
John Perry demonstrating new Insley hydraulic excavator (Dan Shea, Don MacGinnis, Jogn Rodreiques, Art Leres)

History of Pacella’s in the Construction Industry

It was four generations ago when Querino Pacella, his mother and three of his brothers immigrated to America in 1921. He was fourteen years old and the first born of his generation. The young family left their farm in the Abruzzi Region of Central Italy to join their father to start a new life in America. They settled in Boston where their Uncle John Williams had a construction business and a job for young Querino that started his long and successful career in the construction industry.

Querino and his brothers worked for their Uncle John Williams doing sewer and water projects throughout the City of Boston and neighboring communities until World War II when all construction efforts were directed to National Defense. When the war ended in 1945 and the veterans were coming home, Querino and his brothers started the Pacella Brothers Corporation in the Dorchester section of Boston with some war surplus equipment. Their first project was a small sewer contract with the Town of Milton followed by a water main project for the Town of Braintree. Querino and his brothers new company enjoyed rapid growth due to the nations need to build the infrastructure to keep abreast of the building boom of the 1950’s, created by the housing needed for the returning war veterans.

In 1949, Ron Sr. went to work for Pacella Brothers Corporation, the oldest of the next generation to enter the construction industry.

It was about 1953 when the Pacella Brothers Corporation along with some of the other contractors founded the Utility Contractors Association (UCA) with a small office on Washington Street near the Dedham line. Ron Sr. was voted to serve on the Board of Directors as Pacella Brothers representative.

During the early part of the 1950’s, the Pacella Brothers Corporation built many major construction projects throughout the New England states. The Fall River sewer tunnel on Bay Road (1949 to 1951), the 42” MDC water transmission line in Lynnfield, Lynn and Swampscott in 1949 & 1950 and the 60” Springfield water transmission line crossing the Connecticut River in 1951. They built the High Hill Reservoir 42” water transmission line for the City of New Bedford. Pacella Brothers manufactured and installed the New Bedford project with the pipes made in their new concrete pipe plant located in Dedham, MA. The 72” Stonybrook Drain project was supervised by Ron Sr. in 1957. The Washington Street road rebuilding project from the Dedham rotary to Gypsy Hill in Roslindale was supervised by Ron Sr. in 1958. After supervising many projects from 1949 to 1963, Ron Sr. founded QRS Corporation with his brother Querino Pacella, Jr. and Dan Shea.

Ron Sr. was blessed with five children – three sons and twin daughters. His three sons, Ron Jr., Joseph and Victor (RJV) entered the construction industry during the 1970’s after completing their educations.

In 1982, some of the QRS principles retired making room for the third generation of Querino Sr.’s family, thus the creation of RJV Construction Corporation, a spin off of QRS Corporation.

Ron Sr. was involved in UCA and NUCA at various levels from 1953 to retirement, including the presidency of both organizations and also chairman of the contract specifications committee who successfully wrote in policy memorandums which are still in use today.

The fourth generation of Querino Sr.’s family entered the construction industry at RJV and constitutes the principles of that corporation.

Ron Sr. and Querino Jr. formerly of QRS Corporation and retired from RJV Construction are the parents of Ron Jr.-Joseph-Victor-David and grandparents of Ron III-Querino-Chris, all of whom are today’s RJV Construction Corporation.

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